What Your Toilets Say About Your Business

Ella Cook

Thursday, 04 July 2019

What Your Toilets Say About Your Business

- 1 minute read

The last thing any company wants is to invite a potential client or employee to their workspace only for them to find a dingy, dirty toilet area. The reality is, washroom etiquette says a lot in a corporate setting.

A comfortable, clean washroom area gives the impression that the business respects their employees and visitors and how they are cared for. For example, just if you walked into a workspace fit-out company’s offices, they would be top quality - a true picture of the work they complete, how they treat their employees and the effort they’d put into you as a potential client. Likewise, if you were to walk into a top HQ’s you’d would expect smart, fresh and well maintained toilet areas.

An office toilet area should be built with quality materials that will hold up and make a positive statement about the business. One simple thing could be individual mirrors, which are better than one large piece of glass. Easy-to-use hands-free sinks and dryers are also a good idea for practicality and hygiene.

Make sure the washroom isn’t just well-built, but also well-maintained. Failing to maintain it will immediately give the impression that a company doesn’t care about hygiene and subjects its employees to substandard working conditions.

Also, most people don’t expect style or branding from a business’ washrooms, so when they find it, it makes an impression. A bright and colorful paint scheme, reflecting your branding would make an indelible impression. Why not even go for vinyl wrap to a cubicle door with your logo on?

Whatever a bathroom says about a company, it better be positive. A simple washroom is acceptable for short term but really it’s a wasted opportunity to differentiate you as a company. It would be better to invest in your toilet areas, making them robust enough to last with more than 7 years wear-and-tear than do a simple design, which you have to replace within 4 years.

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