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a washroom fitout company that is dedicated to excelling in both customer and contractor experiences.

It's all about the space

our story

We are OrcaSpaces. We provide solutions at all levels and challenge the way people think about washrooms.

With a wealth of experience in the fit-out industry, one of our founding directors found a niche in the market which, if answered, would provide both the client and the contractor an excellent experience with smooth transition through the design, supply and installation of projects. We take our inspiration from the Orca (as our name suggests), which is arguably the freest animal in the ocean, with no natural predators – truly in control of its own space.

OrcaSpaces is a fit-out company that is dedicated to excelling in both customer and contractor experience. We provide bespoke spaces where we live, work and play – creating the ‘Essential Environment’. We create an atmosphere where clients and staff are given the best. We focus on specific needs, to create environments that are beneficial; hygienically, environmentally and psychologically.

Yes, washroom conditions affect the wellbeing of staff, students and everyone alive.

The founders of Orca Spaces are personable people with experience and expertise. We are able to satisfy clients requirements with our approach through Design, Supply and Installation of complete rooms. We have offices in two locations, Burgess Hill in West Sussex and Hindhead in Surrey, facilitating our vision and mission. The business is directed by two brothers with over 26 years combined experience in the construction industry, 8 years specific to the fit-out sector.

our values


Having the second heaviest brain of all marine mammals and being easily trainable by humans, the Orca is often considered on of the most intelligent animals alive. Lacking any natural predators of their own, Orca are known as apex predators - meaning they are able to hunt other animals without the fear of being hunted themselves.

The Orca Whale can swim up to 30 miles per hour for short periods of time (often when hunting for fast moving prey) and are able to dive to a depth of 300ft or more when seraching for food.

Agile & adaptable

Orca can be found swimming throughout all of the worlds major oceans. Orca typically prefer living in colder regions of the world, where they can consume other marine mammals such as sea lions, walruses and other large prey. Orca that live in warmer tropical regions on the other hand tend to stick to a diet consisting of fish, squid and other small marine animals.

Unlike many other cetacean species Orca do not follow any standard migration patterns, they travel where their food is and migrate with their prey.


The strong hunting methods and close-knit bonds between orca pods make these marine mammals one of the best hunters in the animal kingdom.

Gregarious & Caring

Whether hunting for prey, playing-around, resting or traveling throughout the ocean, Orca are extremely social animals and almost always travel in pods (groups) with other family members and friends.

When it comes to raising their children, female Orca are very protective of their young and are very family oriented often caring for their calves for several years and remaining very protective of them over the course of their relationship.