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Changing Room Designers & Washroom Installation in London, Sussex & Surrey

Welcome to Orca Spaces, the top washroom design and renovation company operating across the South of the UK including London, Sussex and Surrey. We work across multiple industries and offer washroom design, renovation and installation services. So if you’re in need of high quality washroom and changing room designers then get in touch!

Commercial Washrooms

The safety and hygiene of your staff and visitors is always a high priority for commercial businesses, now more than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So having a high-quality washroom is a not only a luxury, it’s a necessity. We’re the top commercial washroom installer in the south of the UK and have had extensive experience working across numerous businesses in the industry, from washroom renovations to bespoke washroom design services. If you’re interested in our washroom installation services, take a look at some of our past projects and get in touch!

Leisure Washrooms

In the leisure industry, communal areas such as changing rooms and bathrooms are key components to the guest’s experience. A poorly designed and maintained swimming pool changing room can lead to a reduction of visitors and income. From swimming pool changing rooms, to golf club bathrooms, we have extensive experience in designing and installing washrooms for companies in the leisure industry. If you’re in need of changing room designers, then look no further than Orca Spaces. Take a look at some of our past projects and get in touch!

Education Washrooms

When it comes to schools and universities, clean, safe and well maintained washrooms and school changing rooms are vital in upkeeping the safety and hygiene of the students. We have worked across numerous schools and nurseries across the south of the UK and have worked across various projects from toilet cubicle installation to a large school changing room design and renovation project. So no request will be too little or large. Take a look at some of our past education washroom projects and get in touch!


As previously mentioned we operate across the south of the UK and across the retail, commercial, leisure and education industries. More specifically we work across Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent Hampshire and Suffolk. So if you’re in any of these areas and need high-quality washrooms, then get in touch on 03300563883 or via enquiries@orcaspaces.com