Quality Washrooms

Ella Cook

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Quality Washrooms

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Quality, Budget and Look

When designing your toilet/washroom facilities you will be faced with a tough decision!

Keep calm! We have you covered!

Below is a simple list showing the key characteristics of SGL (solid grade laminate) and HPL (high pressure laminate), with a simple explanation of how each is made.

SGL (solid grade laminate)

Made from multiple layers of high quality kraft paper, which is bonded by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature. SGL undergoes the same thermosetting process as HPL but forms a high strength and totally waterproof panel. The key characteristics of SGL are:

  • A very robust, high density hygienic panel
  • Superior resistance to high levels of vandalism, water, wear and tear, chemicals, rust and even fire
  • Suitable for wet and humid areas
  • A modern look – smart polished and radiused edges

SGL is ideal for areas where technical performance is predominant, such as:

  • Swimming pools
  • Shower cubicles and spas
  • Lockers and changing rooms
  • Vanity units and panels
  • Healthcare furniture – it is HBN-0010 compliant
  • High traffic areas – such as service stations
  • Areas where vandalism may be an issue

SGL is very aesthetically pleasing as it is available in many colours and wood grain patterns. The use of bright colours and fun design are not only visually appealing; it can also promote more responsible use and care of washroom facilities.

HPL (high pressure laminate)

High pressure laminate is created by reinforcing layers of high-quality kraft paper under heat and pressure. The result is a hygienic 0.8mm thick and flexible material with one decorative surface. To achieve a strong finished panel, HPL must be bonded to a high-density core board. Key attributes of HPL being:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Reasonably tough and durable
  • Antibacterial - food safe
  • Mostly resistant to water, moisture, chemicals and heat

HPL is ideal for the following locations:

  • Dry areas – its properties aren’t suitable for areas that are constantly wet
  • Panel & vanity systems (when not high traffic area)
  • Healthcare systems
  • High traffic washrooms – perfect for schools, offices and restaurants

OrcaSpaces Tip:

A safe toilet cubicle is essential whether it’s in corporate headquarters, school or public area. Make sure that you take into consideration the various factors involved and the benefits of each material to ensure that the toilet cubicle will adequately serve its purpose.