Hygiene in School Washrooms

Ella Cook

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Hygiene in School Washrooms

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Hygiene in School Washrooms | Impact on Student and Staff Performance

Although a shocking headline, recent research revealed that up to 43% of school children are intentionally not drinking water to avoid using the toilet - the number one cause for this being dirtiness!

Whilst parents are responsible for teaching their children about good hygiene practices, if you’re going to safeguard the welfare of students and provide a hygienic environment in which to learn and study, you have to invest in your washrooms!

47% adults do not use public toilets due to unacceptable levels of dirtiness. As adults, we can sympathise with the reluctance to use public loos. Unlike children though, adults tend to recognise symptoms of dehydration and will know to do something about – would a child at school be as aware?

Common symptoms of dehydration:

  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness/confusion

Think about the level of concentration that a school child needs each day. To absorb all the new information they are taught, to study and then even do some physical exercise, how can they do all this if they are dehydrated? In other words, if you can make your washroom appealing, you will encourage greater use and instill good practices early on in life.

How do I improve my washrooms? Ultimately maintaining hygienic washrooms within schools requires efficient hygiene services to prevent the spread of germs and illness amongst children so that they can grow and learn in a safe environment.

Cleanliness If the main factor contributing to toilet avoidance is down to dirtiness, then surely you have to take the time to clean? Keep the toilets, sinks, walls (give a fresh coat of paint if need be), floors and bins clean. Make toilets smell nice too! The memory of a bad smell lingers much longer and is associated with the brand of business.

Investment Finally, invest in your washroom! This isn’t just be a task for premium brands, luxury hotels and the like. All businesses and schools should take this seriously.

Naturally we all find it easier to complain don’t we? 28% of consumers will name and shame places with dirty toilets by posting photos on social media - can we really afford to give such a bad impression?

Hey wait, what do I invest in? Start at the very beginning, always a good place to start! Soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers or hand dryers (whichever suit you’re fancy), suitable sized bins, sanitary bins and air freshners. These simple things all contribute to a washroom make-over.

Feel like you need help or advice or want to Invest in your washroom today!?? OrcaSpaces will provide you with a FREE survey, design and quotation of your washroom/s.

Take pride in your facilities so that all stay happy and healthy. Let us humans thrive, and not the dirt, germs and bad smells!