Create the Best Washroom Experience!

Ella Cook

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Create the Best Washroom Experience!

- 2 minute read

Have you walked into a washroom and wondered why you had considered venturing near them? Many washrooms are in poor state of disrepair and lower the memorable experience of those using them.

Who are you?

Business Owner?

  1. How do you want your business brand to be perceived? High quality, clean, professional?
  2. How do you want your best client to view your business - will they see what they want in a company when using your facilities?
  3. Do your employees feel valued when using your facilities? Are you providing your workforce with ‘The Best’ in return for the time and effort they are investing?

Head Teacher?

  1. Are your students scared to use the facilities provided? Are you damaging a child’s health through poor washroom facilities?
  2. How could you enhance a child’s learning journey by providing them with the best facilities?
  3. Are you prepared to stand out and be the school people remember for the positive?

Facilities Manager?

  1. Do your facilities encourage people to visit again?
  2. Are people given the opportunity to recommend your venue to others through their positive experiences?
  3. The Future of the Shopping Centre - now, when consumers visit malls, they are looking for experiences that go well beyond traditional shopping, are you prepared to facilitate and embrace the changing lifestyle of your client?

If schools were treated as workplaces for children and equivalent standards were applied, school toilets would be significantly improved.

Toilets and wash stations should be adequately ventilated and in rooms with lighting. Toilets and rooms should be kept in a clean and orderly condition and standard products provided, such as, toilet paper. Clean hot and cold water should be provided with soap and towels or hand dryers. Privacy must be protected in all organisations.

Now what?

We are inspired to challenge the way washrooms are designed and installed. Working with top designers and install teams, to change the way you think about a washroom.

We will transform the brand image of your organisation through the design of a washroom fitting your needs so that those using the washroom are impressed even in the ‘seemingly’ lowest of places.