Are your Students avoiding the Toilets?

Ella Cook

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Are your Students avoiding the Toilets?

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Do You Know if Your Students are Avoiding the Toilets?

Many kids go to extreme measures so they don’t have to use the school toilets they know are unclean. While dirty washrooms are bad, this avoidance causes serious health problems, espeically in younger children and these habits often carry on later in life.

Did You Know?

More than half a million students in UK secondary schools say they don’t consume liquids at school and another 10% say they skip eating so that they can better avoid the toilets.

When asked why they are avoiding the toilets, about half of the students say it’s because they find them to be dirty, while nearly 20% say they’re unsafe, due to bullying and bad behaviour from other students. Just over 10% of those surveyed say they skip the restrooms due to a lack of toilet paper or soap.

Health risks tend to arise shortly after kids begin avoiding the toilet. A number of students say their avoidance of food and drink has lead to headaches and trouble focusing in class. Schools need to educate their students on the importance of hygiene, diet, drinking enough water and using the toilet whenever needed.

Much of the problem can be solved through the cleanliness. Care should be taken to disinfect all touchpoints, toilets, urinals and sinks often. A strong emphasis should also be placed on the inspection and restocking of vital supplies such as toilet tissue, soap and paper towels.

Another way to make restrooms more inviting is to reduce the odours that plague them. Want to know how you can eliminate washroom odours? Read [here]https://