Are Your Facilities Damaging Your Brand Image?

Ella Cook

Thursday, 07 February 2019

Are Your Facilities Damaging Your Brand Image?

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Are Your Facilities Damaging Your Brand Image?

🎓 Schools With Ofsted not focusing so much on test and exam results, but rather the personal development, behaviour and attitude of students, it’s increasingly important that we are providing them with suitable facilities to nurture their potential, allowing them to grow into mature young adults, ready for the working world. If schools were treated as workplaces for children and equivalent standards were applied, school toilets would be significantly improved.

🏭 Offices & Commercial Buildings Your employees are the blood of your business. Good workplaces attract top talent, meaning every care needs to be taken in the facilities you provide for your staff. Don’t forget that potential customers and suppliers will also use your toilets, and the way you do business is often depicted by the working environment.

🛒Retail - shopping centres To keep your customers happy and to spend more time in your shopping centre, it is vital that you create attractive and clean toilet facilities for everyone to use. It’s important that you have the correct capacity of toilets for the number of people passing through the centre.

🏋️‍Leisure centres/Gyms As a leisure centre, gym or swimming pool, you want to offer the best experience. A key area is the toilets, changing rooms and shower facilities. The quality and design of these areas will influence the visitor experience. You will benefit if you provide exceptional facilities.

🥂Restaurants/Hotels Ask a restaurant or hotel manager about their business, and they’ll likely tell you about the food, the cocktails, the marble bar top, or the carefully-restored historical features, but they’ll never tell you about the toilets. No matter how wonderful the meal or stay, customers will remember that dirty, dark loo with its lack of toilet paper and overflowing bins. Toilets are often the first and last thing your customers see, and too important to be left to chance. Whether it’s design, lighting or cleanliness, we report on how the smallest rooms can make the biggest impact.

🎬Cinemas/Theatres/🍹Bars The general public are increasing their expectations at all social complexes. Now it’s not just the quality of the entertainment or beverages provided, but the whole experience. Users notice if there isn’t suitable or adequate facilities and will often Tweet or comment on these areas, resulting in negative publicity for you.