Queens Park Primary School, Brighton

Location: Brighton, West Sussex, Duration: 2 weeks


Queens Park Primary and Nursery School is over 100 years old and has approximately 400 children on roll. Queens Park Primary School is known for it’s providing good quality education ensuring that students are off to a good start in view of entering further education.


The main focus of the brief was to provide washroom and changing room facilities suitable for young children and to select products very carefully to balance the primary issue of function and aesthetics along with value for money.

We proposed a smart 2 tone mix using bright colours and durable materials to meet the high demands of the washroom environment. Also replacing the floor and repainting the walls gave the final details to improve the students school experience.

They are fabulous. Everyone is really happy with the work and I’ve had lots of comments from staff about how professional your team were during the whole process. We never do this kind of work during term time because in the past the disruption has been too much, and this has always limited us to what we can achieve during the year. I will be recommending you and your team to other schools in the area.

Queens Park Primary