Herstmonceux Castle, Halisham

Location: Halisham, East Sussex, Duration: 2 Weeks


Herstmonceux Castle is a brick-built , Tudor mansion, dating from the 15th century, near Herstmonceux, East Sussex, England. It is one of the oldest significant brick buildings still standing in England.  In 1957 the Herstmonceux Castle grounds became the home of the Royal Greenwich Observatory and remained so until 1988, when the observatory relocated to Cambridge.


We received a call to complete the refurbishment of the washrooms within two weeks – as the toilets needed to be opened in time for the public. At the request to ‘just get the job done’, OrcaSpaces moved swiftly through the design and quote process.

There needed some small changes to room layouts, so the Ladies and Gents areas were swapped around. Fresh, clean spaces with new wall finishes and lighting were completed, yet we retained the old tiled floor to keep the rustic feel. OrcaSpaces installed a Corian Washtrough and cubicles in each area, with all the associated taps, hand dryers and soap dispensers.

Herstmonceux Castle recently had some refurbishment works completed to our public bathrooms, we invited OrcaSpaces to attend and quote for the works. Their service was really quick, they listened to our requirements and in most cases exceeded them. They provided us with very professional operatives, who understood our unique business requirements and worked around us, meaning we were fully operational during the works. They completed on time, to budget and the finished work was outstanding. A big thank you to all at Orca who help us give our customers great facilities to use.

Buildings & Facilities Manager

Herstmonceux Castle