Europa House, Cranleigh

Location: Cranleigh, Waverley, Duration: 2 weeks


A company with over 25 years’ technical expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and distribution of rooflights, overhead roof glazing and bespoke daylighting solutions. Along with over 15 years of expertise, they are also a leading manufacturer of advanced smoke extraction and ventilation systems designed to preserve life in the event of a fire.


The toilets were in a bad way being fairly old, but due to limited budget the company had had to put the project off for a few years. However, it got to the point, they couldn’t hold off any more. Having a limited budget, OrcaSpaces worked closely with the decision makers to best work this out. We completed a partial renovation, including a repaint, new floors and tiles in the upstairs washroom, installing the original cubicles and downstairs we did a complete refurbishment supplying new SGL red cubicles, new vinyl flooring and urinals.

“We had avoided upgrading our staff washrooms for a few years as there was always other expenses that seemed more important. However, when old tiles started falling from the walls we decided we better accept the inevitable and invest in an upgrade. OrcaSpaces proved very proficient in understanding our needs to upgrade to an acceptable standard on a tight budget. Their technical knowledge and solution-based thinking helped deliver a quality job within budget, and staff are delighted with the up to date facilities.”


Europa House